Communication. Culture. Creativity.  

Lawrence Creative offers language programs and services as well as culture classes, workshops, lectures, and performances. We view communication, culture and creativity not as separate entities but as overlapping, interacting realms. Working with like-minded colleagues at Lawrence Language Institute, Culture Concierge and Soju Projekt, we have developed unique and forward-looking courses that explore the in-between places where communication, culture and creativity overlap.

       Lawrence Creative's  "3Cs"

Communication is the key to success. In addition to proofreading service, Lawrence Language Institute offers classes in pronunciation, academic prep, business English, medical English, conversation and public speaking. So whether you are a business professional looking for intensive, practical training, a nurse wanting to communicate accurately or an international student with a strong desire to thrive in university, Lawrence Language Institute has the class for you.

Culture is part of what makes each of us unique, but culture can also be extremely difficult to explain. Culture Concierge offers several unique courses on how to use storytelling techniques that allow you to celebrate the differences, including 'How to Explain Your Culture in English' as well as courses focusing on traditional music, arts and crafts, food, theater and history.

Creativity has long been inspired by the interaction of cultures. With that in mind, Soju Projekt has developed several courses for artists including 'Asian Theater for Writers', 'Traditional Japanese Theater for Poets' and 'Noh for Playwrights' as well as many world music classes to inspire musicians, composers and songwriters.


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